2019 Pod Design

Top level details of our pod design are below. For more information, visit the Technical Documentation page.

Propulsion Quick Facts

  • 270 L propellant volume
  • 85 kN peak thrust
  • 7 sec thrust period
  • 180 m/s top speed

Mechanical Quick Facts

  • 384 kg all-up mass
  • Passive spring stability mechanism
  • Spring-Pneumatic fail-safe brakes
  • Passive magnetic levitation above 20 m/s

More Information

Click to visit the Technical Documentation page for more detailed information.

Other Hyperloop Projects

CU Hyperloop is also working towards a number of additional hyperloop developments to push the limits of what’s possible with high speed transportation.

University of Colorado Hyperloop Test Track

CU Hyperloop is partnering with the University of Colorado, other local hyperloop teams, and local industry to construct a 100 m open-air test track on the CU Boulder campus. Click to learn more.

Colorado Hyperloop Workshop

An annual workshop-style meetup of all the local hyperloop players. The 2nd Annual Workshop is tentatively scheduled for January 2020, stay tuned for more details or click for more information about the 2019 Workshop.

Hyperloop Research

We're actively working to bring more research in hyperloop technology to CU Boulder in the form of undergraduate apprenticeships as well as faculty-led projects.

Team Sponsors

The team's largest supporters are below. To see the full list of sponsors, visit the Team Sponsors page.